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Why to hire us?

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Strategy and marketing

  • Market and competitor analysis.
  • Understand market trends and evaluate the competition to support strategic decisions.
  • Make informed decisions, ensure a competitive advantage, and improve overall performance

Quality and operations

  • Visualize workflow to identify and improve efficiency through process modeling and optimization.
  • Optimize manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer service workflows.
  • Increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs as key benefits.

Information technology

  • Website Development and optimization of existing websites to meet evolving technological needs.
  • Evaluate performance and user experience for design, functionality, and device compatibility.
  • Enhance user engagement, boost performance, automate processes, and stay competitive online.

Innovation and sustainability

  • Conduct due diligence and fundraising to benefit companies during mergers, acquisitions, and investments.
  • Assist in securing capital through compelling proposals and identifying potential investors.
  • Reduce risks, enhance credibility, and improve access to capital as key benefits.

Human Resources

  • Offer workshops and training on project management and organization strategies.
  • Focus on methodologies and best practices tailored to organizational needs.
  • Enhance project outcomes, boost team productivity, and streamline processes for increased efficiency and profitability. 

Customised to your needs

  • We specialize in creating personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs at TCA.
  • Leverage our multidisciplinary expertise to deliver innovative solutions that optimize resources and enhance business competitiveness.

Project procesS

For businesses

Initial Meeting

3-5 days

  • Presentation of TCA La Paz
  • Getting to know the scope of the project
  • Taking up the requirements

Project Staffing

3-5 days

  • Tendering within the consultancy
  • Staffing by selected committee

Project Kick-Off

5-7 days

  • Meet the project team and the client
  • Agreement on key information and clarification of detailed issues

Non-binding Offer


  • Development of an approach and cost calculation
  • Incorporation of responses and feedback

Project Execution and Completion


  • Realisation of the assignment
  • Handover of the results


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